Thursday, 8 June 2017

Grandparents Day

What special visitors we had join us today!

Kemly's grandmother told us all about going to school as a litttle girl in Vanuatu. She went to school by boat!

Caitlin's great grandparents told us all sorts of things about what it was like going to school when they were younger. Caitlin's Great Grandad went by coal train - and he got the cane once for turning the taps on and blocking the drains in the bathroom! Caitlin's Great Grandma went to lots of different schools growing up. At one stage she had to walk for 2 hours to get to school!

We also had Josh's grandmother tell us about growing up in Cambodia and Ellarose's grandmother told us about life in the Hutt.

Such a special time! Thanks so much for coming to Room 4!

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